Why Do We Love Dogs So Much?

Well...how can we not love pups? Here are a few from the MILLIONS OF REASONS Pup & Co. Squad has concluded for our dog-lovers. Would you agree?

They make us laugh!

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Funny things happen everyday that we wish there was a CCTV installed to capture all the funny moments of our pups.

They are always happy and easily satisfied!

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A treat, a walk, or simply a belly rub will make a dog's day! Oh, and a slice of BACON!

They're our little helpers...or not.

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From rescuing to hunting, dogs help us with various tasks. They want to be involved with whatever their hooman is doing, especially when we are cooking...

They forgive...and forget. 

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Have you ever accidentally stepped on a puppy's toes and you felt so guilty after hearing they cry? The second you turned to them to apologize, they are smiling at you like nothing has happened.

They make us feel loved!

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We LOVE how the pups are always so excited and happy to see us. They wag and jump like they haven't seen us for ages! (and the truth was we were only out for 5 minutes to check the mailbox). 

The love is scientifically proven!

dog mutual gaze puppy eyes
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A study published in the journal Science explains why human beings love dogs so much: The level of hormone oxytocin, also known as "the love hormone", increases during a mutual gaze between human and dogs. It is the same bond between the new born babies and their parents. (Yes, pups are our fur-babies)
(Source: http://science.sciencemag.org/content/348/6232/333)
There are so many things about dogs make us crazy about them. What are yours? Share below!


  • Rich

    Love the post! Thanks for sharing. Keep it up!

  • Mia_the_pug

    awwww…how cute!

  • Judy

    Hahahaha great one! My dog is my cheerleader. I feel so happy with her around me:)

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